As I write this post we prepare to board a bus that will have us leaving Ecuador and entering our third South American country, Peru. For the last week and a bit we have been soaking up the sunshine on the coast. Unwinding after pushing our bodies quite physically at Merazonia and having some time to mentally relax also. I think this is very important whilst on the go in a foreign country. Often we go days maybe even weeks of being exposed to new sights, smells and sounds and it can be quite draining – it’s important to reset now and then. We arrived in Montanita, famous for strong cocktails and an even stronger Gringo presence. We checked it out, wasn’t too fussed then decided to head North.

Unfortunately the day we decided to move on, I woke up and was not feeling too great. We are a bit too laid back with our hygiene caution here. We brush our teeth with tap water, eat raw fruit and veg, I gnaw on ice cubes and cuddle street dogs and cats profusely – we aren’t too careful. So after such a great run I was pretty surprised to be ill from the ice in Montanita. Feeling dizzy we headed to the sleepy fishing village of Puerto Lopez, the perfect place to take easy for a few days. Once I felt better We were ready to do some exploring and headed to the Isla De La Plata – nicknamed the ‘Poor Mans Galapagos’. A small Island 40kms from Puerto Lopez which is home to many different species of birds but primarily Blue Footed Boobies. Our guide toured us around a small part of the island and spoke about their efforts of conservation and animal protection. A large part of the island is closed off in order to protect breeding pairs of Albatross – rare migratory birds. After a few cringe worthy moments in Colombia and seeing animals being mistreated in a National Park, it was refreshing to hear the passion our guide had when speaking about the island. Our day out was beautiful and it was fantastic to view some beautiful wildlife.






Also whilst in Puerto Lopez we seemed to be magnets for adorable street animals and made quite a few new friends.



The last few days we have been in Ayampe. A tiny town of bamboo shacks and dirt roads which we fell in love with. Not entirely sure how many people live in the town but we only saw about 15 in the 4 days we were here. It was quiet and peaceful and the perfect end to our time in Ecuador. We had a little place right on the beach where we drank coconuts ate bananas and trip planned. Trent was able to finally have a few days of surfing which he loved. As we look at a calendar and look at out ‘must see’ list which is ever growing, we know we need to keep moving. So on and down we go to giant Peru.
Adios Ecuador – I would have loved to have spent more time in your beautiful country. We did get a nice little taster in the 6 weeks we were here: a little jungle, some andes, some cloud forest and a touch of the coast. Hasta luego – Amor la vida. br />








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